Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: F E L T

handspun yarn - moonroverI'm fascinated by artistic objects made in other mediums. Felted art is one of those fascinations. 

Felting seems very creative and interesting, and I sometimes wish I'd learned a bit about this medium when I was beginning to quilt seriously.  I can see how felting and quilting would work well together, enhancing both experiences.  If you are a new quilter or if you're willing to invest in another medium, I hope you consider felting wool.  If you do, please let us know how it goes.  

Felted Objets d'art
Barcelona-20111119-00201 by JustWeaving, via Flickr

Needle Felted Botanical Leaf Bowl Fiber Art by tortoiseshellstudio, $40.00

wall hanging

WoolWench Freeform Weaving


Вариант "пиццы"

My assemblages

Fiber Arts

Felt Sculptures
Illuminated Felt Sculpture  by Maegen

Felt sculptures. Sonya Yong James

Black Sheep Designs, sculptural felt

adorable felted pods

felted sculpture by Emma Price

Wet felting
Series of videos for basic wet felting, nuno felting, resist felting, plus tips and tricks. See video list to the left.

Wet Felting Basics: Fun Bookmarks! Have to register, maybe later

Boudicca  wet  felted bag by ThistleWoolworks on Etsy, $125.00

Needle Felted Animals
Needle Felted Baby Orangutan by Tamara111, via Flickr

Needle felted Finger Monkey

Wool Paintings
Permutations in Fiber: Needle Felted Wool Paintings

Needle felt landscape - beautiful use of color layering

love this beach - Deebs Fibre Arts

Needle felted tapestry - love the moon light!  I adore felted art.

Art yarn felt painting | Flickr - Photo Sharing!   Hmmm... I'm thinking of doing something similar with my own art yarn called the Dee....

Felted, Picture, Painting, Wallhanging, Textile Art, Felt, Embroidery, Seascape, Free Motion Embroidery.

needle felted painting

Needle felt chickadee painting...looks like it's mounted on a canvas

Today I leave you with just the felted art.  I am certain you can see a quilt or two in these beautiful pieces.

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Kaja said...

I think there can be a lot of overlap between quilting and felt making. I was a felt maker for a while, but quilting is easier to pick up and put down (small children, constant interruptions!) With felting you have to roll with it once you're up and running. It is satisfyingly physical though, and a very versatile medium.