Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pin It Weekly #76

All of the pins on tonight's post are from Studio Art Quilt Associates quilt board

Art quilt by Ann Peterson #artquilts #SAQA

The Ann Peterson whose name appears in the copyright is a teacher for Craftsy.  It may interest you to know that her class "Quilting BIG Projects on a small machine" is now on sale for $14.99!  The link in this paragraph will go directly to the sale!


Art quilt by Sonia Grasvik #artquilts #SAQA

For 4 Who Stood Tall by Kathie Briggs

Art quilt by Ellie Kreneck #artquilts #SAQA

Le Coq de Colrain by Ruth B. McDowell

Art quilt by Debra Bento #SAQA #artquilts
Hot Poppies. Ruth B. McDowell. 2006.

Daffodills 2 by Ruth B. McDowell

The contrast between the dark blackish brown velvety centers and the bright yellow petals of  the Brown-eyed Susan always enchants me.  Whether sprinkled across fields as the native species or growing in gardens as the larger rudbeckias, the plans speaks of summer.  The dark seedheads last through the snows, food for birds and a sign of the passing of seasons.

Reflections, 58 x 23", by Ruth B. McDowell.  Machine pieced.

Little S'Tinker by David Taylor
Map Fragment # 33 -Alicia Merrett

Marsh Marigolds by Kathie Briggs

Sunrise Song

red bird quilt. love this.

SAQA's Pinterest board and SAQA's website both are very good about giving credit to the artists for their work, so if you're really interested in a particular quilt, go to either source for more information on the artist and his/her website.

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