Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pin It Weekly #75

Kate Smith is a color expert with a fabulous Pinterest site.  If you have not checked out one of her boards, you should. Here are a few examples from some of my favorite boards.

Blue-Green | Color Meaning, Symbolism, & Psychology

Blue green containers

Turquoise - attracts love, protects from harm & gives the wearer the ability to see into the future

Robin's nest

Sensational Color | Purple

Color Study of Lavender and Purple Roses.

I wonder if there is color symbolism to the purple of this temple in Thailand. #purple

Luscious purple figs looks so ripe and yummy. #purple

Interior Color | Green

I love this green curtain combo from Veranda

Kitchen, designer Gideon Mendelson created a green gingham ceiling that was first painted on canvas by Silvère Boureau. Mendelson says, "It gives a classic white kitchen personality, and it brings extremely high ceilings down to a more comfortable place."

Love the ceramic plate art! The breakfast area’s Mike & Maaike table, Eero Saarinen chairs, Tim Fishlock chandelier, and ceramic-plate installation by Viñas.

A shocking bright green palate was used for the living room of this New York apartment by designers William Diamond and Anthony Baratta.
As you can probably tell from the titles, she has more than one board for each color.  They are well sorted and finding inspiration is just so much fun.  I like looking through a particular board or going back and forth between two boards to compare and contrast how things work together. 

I found Kate Smith's boards through Country Living Magazine, which I followed on Facebook here.  They are also on Pinteres, but with 114 boards and over 9,000 pins, it would be difficult to tell you what you'll find.  Just trust me their Pinterest board is big and interesting.  And filled with inspiration.
Beautiful Brand New Low Cost Deck for Summer ? Easy- Build one out of Pallets !

No-Bake Muddy Buddy Cookies

The family stenciled numbers on plywood, which they nailed to their stair risers (painted Black Suede by Behr).

J.W. Hulme Co. by David Prince. All rights reserved.

Motawi Tileworks (Made in Ann Arbor, Michigan) #madeinusa #madeinamerica

Spray-painted yellow and topped with plywood, three Goodwill filing cabinets—bought for $25 total—morph into a bright storage space.

While putting together this post, it's occurred to me that my other favorite magazines may also be on Pinterest.  I'll get back to you on that, in the meantime these two sites should keep you well inspired for a while anyway.  Go follow or like or heart or whatever it is that you use to show your appreciation.  Leaving a comment here would be one way.  :-)

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