Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Modern Mondays {part 2}

Yes, that's right.  I attended two guild meetings in two days: Monday the Cotton Quilters Guild and Tuesday the Patience Quilters Guild.  I was a guest on Tuesday, of course, but I'm seriously considering joining because those ladies know how to rock!  

An Architect's Dream Quilt by Marty Mason
Honestly, I was expecting something more stodgy and traditional. I was quite surprised to discover that they do more fun things than my usual guild.  They have more experience, having been a guild for several years now, so that probably helps.  They also have youth on their side as I was one of the older ladies.  In the Cotton Guild, I'm a baby (even at my age!)  

Asterisk Quilt For Sale
Asterisk Quilt  Marty Mason 

I wanted to attend the Patience Quilter's meeting because a friend, Brenda, has invited me a few times but also because another friend, Marty who I met through the La. Traveling Quilt and is a well known modern quilter, was the presenter.  

And the Beat Goes On.....  (Quilt by Marty Mason)

I thoroughly enjoyed Marty's presentation and loved (no, LOVED) her quilts.  Oh good gracious!  They are stunning!
Quilt by Marty Mason (photo by Mary Marcotte)
While I took tons of photos, I am posting these from Marty's website, because she happens to also be a great photographer. (Except one.) How convenient is that?  If you're not familiar with Marty's work, please visit her site and say hello.  You'll love her, I promise!

Modern table topper by Marty Mason
Later this week I'll zip back in time and tell you about the Cotton Quilter's Guild meeting, and come back for Pin It Weekly. Happy Anniversary wishes to Mary and Richard Marcotte! We are celebrating 36 years today.  Goodness, we have a full week!  


Karen said...

Loved seeing these quilts. A wonderful display.
Sounds like this group is really worth joining.

Kaja said...

I love Marty's quilts - will be off to check out her website in a mo. I wish I had a lively guild like this near me. Congratulations on your anniversary.

Marty Mason said...

Oh, My, Mary.....what a treat it was to meet you last Tuesday. I've been without internet for a week now and that has really been a bummer! You are so generous to post pictures of a few of my favorite modern quilts and so generous to help spread the word that modern quilting is fun and is now in Louisiana!