Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Quilt Inspiration: Children's Games

If you're a mom or grandmother of small children, this post should really inspire you.  Pinterest is filled with children's games ideas, but they can do more than entertain the children in your life. They can inspire your quilt-making as well.  The first four games are from the website Hart 2 Hart but I found them originally on Pinterest. 

This ring toss game is a two-for-one: first the kids get to color and cut the paper plate rings, then they have the game to play.
This would be a great activity for an indoor recess. The children could make the ring and decide what the game rules are. I see synergize!

Inspiration Quilts 

Googly Eyes quilt by FortheLoveDesigns on Etsy...soo cute, need to make it!

Melinda Quilts ETC: Customer Quilts  - Circle quilt idea....could be a neat one to make into stars and planets on a black background

I really like this tape resist painting using blue painter's tape, which is removed once the finger paint dries.  

Green Union Jack Green Britain No 18 Large by FireHorseTextiles

Lucky Boy Sunday Dear Friend Blanket

Building blocks of a different kind.  

Does it inspire a tumbler quilt or two?

"Bathtub Gin" quilt made using Bari J's Splendor 1920 and the Sizzix 8" tumbler die, by During Quiet Time

A different version of pick up sticks?  The Velcro on these jumbo craft sticks is what keeps them together.  Children can build many different things or create letters and numbers.

Pick Up Sticks Quilt

Traditional Children's Games That Never Get Old - Gaggle of Gamers

Hopscotch Daze

quilt pattern PDF // hopscotch. $8.00 USD, via Etsy.

Twister, anyone?
JUST FOR KLICKS | Downloads | Playmobil® Twister Game
Or the backyard version?
Outdoor games can be temporary like these painted spots for Twister or you can add more permanent options such as a giant chess or checkers board made out of pavers!

Twister Game Quilt - I've decided this would be the perfect picnic blanket - once you're done eating, let the games begin!!  :)

Not a game, the printable for making puzzles, which could be part of the fun. 
Jigsaw Puzzles.  Print on Card Stock, have kids color or draw their own picture, then cut out for them to play with.  Great rainy day activity!

Patchwork Puzzle Quilt - Great idea for an autism charity quilt

I love puzzles and this would be cool to quilt

Quilt Patterns Free Quilt Patterns Connect the Dots Baby Quilt Pattern - Boy

Isn't this fun?  No pun intended, of course.  Using games and play as inspiration for creating a quilt is one playful way to spur yourself to think creatively.

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