Thursday, August 11, 2011

AAQI to the sixth power

This is the sixth quilt for AAQI (Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative) that I've made.  A couple of years ago I designed several chicken blocks to make a large quilt, but after I drew out the blocks and made a couple I decided that I'm not into chickens that much.  

Lo and behold, I attended a couple of quilt shows and there was at least one chicken quilt at each show.  Then I discovered that one of the larger fabric houses has really cute chicken fabrics available.  So I guess I was on to something.  
What's Kickin' Chicken?

While cleaning and moving things around the studio, I discovered my drawings.  I chose my favorite to turn into a small quilt for AAQI, added some country fabric from mom's stash and had a blast working on it.  I wouldn't purchase this quilt for myself, but I'm hopeful someone will appreciate it enough to spend a few dollars on it.  

Knowing how popular chicken fabrics and quilts are, don't you think that it will sell?  I don't have any idea how the AAQI quilts are priced, but I hope that it will be priced low enough to sell.  I'd really like to see the quilt raise at least a few dollars for Alzheimer's research.

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Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Lots of people love chickens and/or the farmhouse look -- it will definitely sell!! Love your feather stitching!