Friday, August 12, 2011

Etsy Shop Profile: Felted Folks

Felted Wool Flower GirlSay hello to Tara of Felted Folks Designs.  Tara makes darling little creations from felted wool.  Using locally grown wool and her own handmade soap, Tara begins the process by first felting her wool.  A mother of four, Tara is especially concerned about how we treat our planet and using natural materials for everyday items. Her creations are especially nice when used for decorating and toys for older children.  Read more and visit her Etsy store by clicking here.
Felted Wool Bluebird on Nest Of Eggs1. Where/when did you learn to make such beautiful felted art? I am a self taught artist. I love the way sheep fleece looks and feels so soft and warm. I like the fact that it is an all natural material. 

Felted Wool Pussy Willow Girl2. What are some of your favorite designs to make? I love making things for children. Each little figure that I make comes out different. I am drawn to making birds. I love being around birds in nature. I love to make mobiles for babies using birds. 

3. What are some unconventional ways that you or your customers have used your felted creations?  Mostly my customers use the things I make either for 
decorations or children's toys.

Felted Wool Chickadee On Nest Of Eggs4. Who has influenced your art the most? In what way(s) did this person influence you?  I have a couple of friends who are felters who have both influenced me. One friend use to make figures without a wire core that were very lovely. She would dye the wool herself using all natural plant dyes and the colors were amazing. She was inspired by the seasons and would make things according to what the season was.

Felted Wool Strawberry Girl5. Is there anything else you'd like others to know about yourself or your shop? I am currently starting up a daycare and am excited to make the little people for the kids to play with.
Share your comments and ideas with Tara  by emailing her through Etsy or say hello here.  I'm sure she will love to hear from you!

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