Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quilting Gallery

I finally entered one of my quilts in the weekly themed contests at Quilting Gallery.  I've said several times that I would just for the fun, but life gets in the way of so many good intentions.  Finally!  I've done it.  Since the theme is Log Cabin Quilts and I've made a few, I thought now would be a good time.

I entered Rory and Meggan's quilt, "Louisiana Bayou" which I gave them when they married.  She chose the quilt one day while looking through the ones I'd completed and fell in love with the greens, golds and browns of the bayou quilt.  Since she also loves red tulips and this quilt has small red centers in each block, it was perfect for them.

For his part, Rory was partly the inspiration for the quilt.  He was working for a gentleman who makes handmade furniture, including a fabulous bed he designed and named the Louisiana Bayou Bed.  Richard and I took a tour of his studio and I fell for the beauty of one of the beds on display.  Rory explained the background of the bed and my mind could not stop thinking of the kind of quilt that such a beautiful bed deserves.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make a quilt big enough for that bed.  At the time I was quilting everything on my Bernina since we hadn't purchased the longarm yet.  It's very difficult to make a queen size quilt......a large king is impossible--at least for me!
Here's a close-up of one of the blocks.  All these photos are of the quilt on my bed before Meggan and Rory got it.

I'm supposed to encourage you to vote by clicking on the button on the left of this page.  I'm not sure exactly what will happen but I think you'll be taken to the Quilting Gallery site where you'll get to see all the quilts and vote on your favorite.

Before you do that, though, leave a comment and let me know what you think.  Have you made a quilt that someone loved so much that giving it away was a pleasure?  That's how I felt about giving this quilt to Meggan and Rory. It was a pleasure to see her face when she opened the gift, and I am especially happy to know that they use it.  Do you get the lasting pleasure of knowing that the quilt you gave away is used and appreciated?  Isn't that the most wonderful feeling for a quilter?

Lastly, if you're reading this post on Friday, it's the final day to enter the giveaway.  After midnight it will be too late to enter.  I'll choose a winner on Saturday morning, email the winner then post the info for everyone to see on Saturday sometime in the afternoon.  You will find everything you need to enter here!

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Cherry Red Quilter said...

Lovely quilt - just voted for you - hope you win :-)