Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time's Awastin' and a summer afternoon

Assuming you're reading this at a decent time of day, which would likely be Thursday, tomorrow is the final day to enter the giveaway: Friday, August 5, 2011, 11:59 P.M. is the magic date/time.  After midnight it will be too late to enter.  I'll choose a winner on Saturday morning, email the winner then post the info for everyone to see on Saturday sometime in the afternoon.  You will find everything you need to enter here!

Photo from The Borne Quilter website.
Very special thanks to my darling daughters-in-law, Stacey and Meggan for a fun afternoon and supper.  My sister, Sid and her daughter Kaitie are visiting for a while.  This afternoon they, Stacey and Dusti all accompanied me to The Borne Quilter in Lafayette for a little fabric shopping.  I'll post a picture of the lovely fat quarters I picked up.  Kaitie bought a couple yards of a beautiful yellow solid so I can make some pillow shams to match her new Pottery Barn duvet covers.

Chair In case fabric shopping with a purpose wasn't enough, we then caravaned to Rayne for a lovely supper with Rory and Meggan.  Poor darlings ended up with about 15 people eating hamburgers, hot dogs and wings just all over the house.  On that note, here's a shout out to a wonderful friend, who reads my blog daily and keeps the kids abreast of what's going on in our lives.  Sorry we missed you, Syl.  I'd love to be able to visit for a few minutes at least.

Finally, this little sad face was waiting for us when we got home.  Having spent last week alone in the house with no one but Cotton for company, Candy is quite unhappy when we all leave, even if it's just for a few minutes.

Richard's nickname for her is Thing 2 from the Dr. Suess books. I rather think he's on to something there.  Could she resemble the good doctor's critters any more with that hairdo?

And who could take a photo of Thing 2 without snapping at least one photo of Thing 1?  Certainly not I as I love both Things equally and could not show partiality to either.  So, though this little thing is quite shy in front of the camera, he agreed to a couple of shots provided I zoomed in rather than get in his face with the camera.   Notice he does not look directly at the camera.  That is a rare photo indeed.  No, Cotton may be bold and ferocious when strangers are near his mama, he is meek in front of a camera.....leaves the diva doings to Candy.

So, goodnight, since it is really night-time when I write my blog posts.  The house gets quiet and settled after everyone goes to bed.  That's my favorite time for writing and thinking and quieting my mind.  I get lots of quilts planned and reworked at this time also.  Surprisingly, however, it's not the time for writing poetry....that happens early in the morning as I awaken.  I couldn't explain it.  Instead I just accept it.

Don't forget to enter the giveaway: here!  Thanks Stacey for encouraging your coupon friends to visit and enter.

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Anonymous said...

Too cute little dogs! One looks just so sad! Isn't it funny how they can have such expressive little faces? How some people can think they don't know emotions is crazy.