Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quilt Campus

I'm very excited to announce that my stained glass quilt class for Quilt Campus is now scheduled and ready to go. I'll be teaching a technique that I came up with last year while working on a stained glass quilt for fun.
In my technique the stained glass pieces are quilted down so that adding the black bias, the leading between the glass, is easier and the quilt is more stable.

Students will also learn how to add bias strips so that they begin and end on top the quilt without showing and get plenty of practice designing so that they can make their own original quilt or modify a quilt pattern from a different designer.

Now doesn't this sound like fun?  It's a three week online course that walks through each aspect of making the quilt.

There's a forum so that students can get to meet and know each other and share their trials and successes.  I'm told that many international students take these classes, so we'll get to meet folks from other cultures.  As the instructor I'll also post to the forum to answer questions and talk students through any issues they may have.

At the end of the class, students post photos of their completed quilts.  I'm especially excited to see how many different quilts we come up with in the end.  It's going to be tons of fun for students and for me!

And the good news: it's very reasonable--$24 to take the class!  Of course, you have to purchase the fabric and materials, and you must have the equipment, but a class for $24 is one sweet deal.

If you're interested go to to check it out. Go to the class list and scroll down--I'm near the bottom.  Click on "more information" to see the supply list and class outline.  There are other classes available, but I certainly hope to see you in mine!

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