Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Quilt Question

I recently came upon this quilt top.  It has an unusual block that reminds me of the bow tie block but the sides of the bow tie pieces are curved.  It doesn't look difficult but it does appear that the block has to be put together a little differently than the normal bow tie block.  Of course, if you break it down, the block consists of a nine patch on point.  
When the blocks are sewn together, a really unusual pattern of circles appears.  

Because this quilt is made of  a variety of different fabrics, cottons, rayons, knits and 
who knows what else, I am prone to think that it may be from the seventies.  
However, I haven't had it dated.  

The seams are machine sewn but are crudely stitched.  There are tucks and puckers all over the place, probably because the fabrics don't work well together and some were stretched as the top was sewn.

I haven't decided what to do with the top but I definitely want to quilt it.  Since I won't get it on the longarm for quite a while, I have time to decide how it should be quilted.  I do think it will have to be quilted fairly heavily in an effort to stitch down the many, many problems.

Now to the question: have you seen this block before?  If so, could you help me to figure out the name?  I haven't searched all my quilt books for the name, there are too many books and too many blocks to have gone through them all.  I'll continue my search, but was hoping that in the meantime one of you might have an answer for me or perhaps a suggestion of where to look.  I'd love a comment.

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lambs and ivy designs said...

I bet it would really please someone to know the quilt they pieced was going to be quilted. Since it wasn't all that well done I can just imagine them being so proud of the finished quilt!