Saturday, August 6, 2011

We Have Our Winners!

Congratulations to CLENNA who commented, "I love your scarves. My favorite is the Handmade Scarf, Beaded Sheer Organza, Blue."   

A second congratulations goes to JENNA of RedShadow Blog, who wrote, "I hearted the Handmade Scarf, Beaded Sheer Organza, Blue."      
Handmade Scarf, Beaded Sheer Organza, Blue

Oh no, how shall we resolve this dilemma?  And how is it that several people all hearted the same scarf?    

I have contacted them and am waiting on a response so that they can claim their prizes.  Can't be the same prize--there is only one beaded sheer blue organza scarf.

I suppose the fairest way would be to toss a coin or something, but I think I'll just say the first one to respond will be the one to receive this scarf if she still chooses it.  
Handmade Scarf, Beaded Sheer Organza, Blue

Congratulations, girls.  I'll off to make a few more beaded scarves knowing that this one is the most popular item in my shop!  See I learned something really useful from this little giveaway!  How wonderful is that?

Since I'm on a learning spree, let's figure out what's best about this one scarf......

What do you like most about the scarf: the sheer fabric, the unique loop closure, the beads, the color, some other detail?  Let me know, please!  Leave a comment or convo me at 


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Congratulations to the winners!

I love the beads on the scarf. What a pretty embellishment.