Sunday, August 28, 2011

English Grader

Wonder what English teachers do when they're not in school?  Grade essays.  It becomes a burden, believe me, trying to decipher what students say in their papers.  Sometimes our job is to decipher what they wanted to say, or meant to say, or should have said.

I have three classes and their papers were due Friday.  That's about 38 essays to read and decipher, which really isn't much, but getting through them quickly is impossible.  To reward myself for getting through a few, I did a little window shopping on Etsy.  I find that I'm often inspired by the wall art I find on Etsy, so I decided to enjoy some of my favorite pieces and find a few more that I can heart.
BINARY Rusted Steel 20 X 30 Wall Art
Vintage Summer, 5x5 fine art photography print
Cottage Light Studio

Metal Wall Art Abstract Decor Contemporary Modern Sculpture Hanging

Three Layer Star Burst Contemporary Metal Wall Art by L Devall W-804
Wall Art Peacock feather blue purple lilac 18 x 16  inches  wall decor wall hanging  retro contemporary modern print design  wall hanging canvases fabric wall decor
Don't they inspire you?  I love to look at and take in other artists' work.  
I find so many elements that I just want to replicate in fabric.  
Can't you see a quilt in each one?
Where do you go to get inspired?

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handustry said...

Deciphering essays... If I had to do that, I might get crazy after an essay or two. I remember when I was in school, writing was so difficult. It took me years to understand that I simply need to write what I think, then review, reorganize my text a bit, and voilĂ : something that makes sense and, hopefully, a message that can be understood.

Strangely enough what inspires me the most in creating accessories and garments is architecture. Large contemporary structures, or sometimes older ones. Fibres and fabrics are very different from steel and concrete. I try to give to my creations a sense of strength and structure but within the realm of fluidity of fabrics and fibres. The result, I know, is not obvious but I think I am getting slowly there.

Or like anything else in art, we never reach a goal, we just constantly walk a path :-)