Sunday, August 7, 2011

Special Thank You

to Lambs and Ivy Designs.  A few weeks ago I profiled Dana's blog and Etsy shop read the article here.  She appreciated the article so much that she offered to make a few ribbon flowers for my grand-daughters.  I'm sure she was surprised to hear that I have six, but good sport that she is, she sent beautiful little ribbon flowers.  

Knowing that I wanted to put them on hair pins of some kind, I decided to wait to give them to the girls until a special occasion arose.  

Luckily, I didn't have to wait long.  Stacey's sister, Kristi, was getting married and all of Stacey's children were going to be in the wedding.  On the morning of the wedding Stacey and Dusti left to have hair and makeup done while Jolie stayed at my house.  At eight she would not have been able to wait out the hours of time that it takes to prepare 8 or 10 wedding women.  

My sister, Sid, worked the tangles out and her daughter, Kaitie, got creative with braids.  In the end, Jolie looked like a perfect little flower girl. 

The perfect time to bring out darling little surprises--and Jolie loved her flower hair accessory.

In the meantime, Dusti was getting her own makeover and returned with a "bird's nest" hairdo that had her much more grownup looking than twelve.

Dusti chose the purple rose for her hair because the bride's colors were brown and purple.  

Later, when everyone returned and we had a family get-together, I gave Alayna and Marley their roses.  The two left are for Caki and Sophie.  They were not at the house, so I'll give them their flowers when we go to Rayne next weekend.  They are too little to understand that the others all got theirs sooner.  Besides, I want to be there to see my pretty baby girls with ribbon flowers in their hair!

I took a quick look at Dana's blog with the intent of saying "thank you" and discovered that she's figured out how to make wisteria.  How cool is this?  You have to go to her site to see more of her work.  It's just stunning, and I am amazed at how easy she makes it seem.  

But really, what can a person say to someone who is so awesome?  A simple thank you just seems too....well, simple.  I hope this simple one gives her an idea of just how awesome I think she is.  Thank you, Dana, for giving my grand-daughters a beautiful memory of a special day.


lambs and ivy designs said...

What beautiful grand-daughters you have!!

You are most welcome. It was my pleasure to send some flowers for the girls and an honor that they wore them for such an impprtant occasion!!

Thank you for the lovely posts about my flowers..
You are just the sweetest!!!

Modern Buttercup said...

Beautiful flowers! They look so real.... I wish I could make some like that. :)

Jene' said...

aww so cute!

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

They are lovely -- the granddaughters AND and the flowers! And the wisteria is amazing!