Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Latest Read

Kathleen Benner Duble's novel, The Sacrifice, about a young girl living in 1692 Andover, Massachusetts, is a gripping read told from the point of view of ten year old Abigail Faulkner.  Witches have been accused in Salem Village and the fear finds its way to Abigail's town and family.  After Abigail and her sister are accused of witchcraft by the maid, she endures the hardships of life in prison where inhumane conditions take the lives of several prisoners including Abby's beloved Aunt Elizabeth.
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Duble's question throughout the novel is what is one willing to sacrifice for those we love?  When Duble's father discovered that their ancestors lived in Andover during the Salem Witch Trials, she became enthralled with learning more about their story.  What she discovered through research became the story of The Sacrifice.

Descriptions of the family, their life and their tribulations are vivid and accurate.  Duble describes the young accusers in great detail leaving no doubt where the family stands in the chaos.  Their stance, however, makes life even more dangerous as they try to survive through the months of terror, adversity, and ignorance.

What's your current or most recent read?  Share with us what you think of the book.

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I like what you wrote about this book. I'll look for it online and download to my Kindle. Thanks for the recommendation.