Monday, August 29, 2011

Moby Dick

I spent the evening watching the Encore Channel's version of Moby Dick.  I read the entire book while a graduate student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette several years ago.  In fact, I took a class on Melville and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the fact that Melville is a difficult author to read, quite long-winded and writes about stuff I normally am not interested in--the sea, survival, isolation.

I'd love to recommend his works but the truth is it's not light reading.  Moby Dick would be a great read for anyone who enjoys reading (lots of reading) and also enjoys the outdoors.  I admit readily that had it not been for the class I was taking at the time, I would never have chosen this epic novel for myself.  In the end I am quite glad I did push myself through the book.

On that note, I'll leave you with my favorite quote from the book and some art that I found online.  If this quote is spoken in the movie, I can't say as it was difficult to understand the sailor speech at times.
painting, White Whale with Harpoons, Richard Ellis, 1984
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"How is it I know not; but there is no place like a bed for confidential disclosures between friends.  Man and wife, they say, there open the very bottom of their souls to each other; and some old couples often lie and chat over old times till nearly morning."

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