Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Katie's Bag

While transferring files from the old computer to the new, I was going through some of my older photos and ran across these pictures of a bag I made for Katie.  She asked me for a large black bag with two embellishments: a large fleur de lis in pink and her initials also in pink.  

The photos don't do justice to the true colors, especially the pink.  It's what I call Pepto Pink because it's pretty and light like Pepto Bismol.  At any rate, I thought I'd share the photos with you.  This, by the way, is Dusti modeling the bag for me.  She had lots of fun getting ready for the photo shoot.  Too bad that her Grammy is such a bad photographer!

If there's one thing I'm worse at, it's enhancing the photos.  what you get on this blog is my best; however, there can be no bragging here when it comes to photography.

The bag has a few good features that I wanted to incorporate to make it strong since I know Katie to be a military brat always on the move.  In fact, her mom says they are in a constant state of moving.  

One of the really good features is that the straps completely enclose the bag.  I designed them this way so that the bottom of the bag would have extra support from the straps.

 I also added a strong cording inside the straps.  She could probably fill the bag with bricks and not have to worry about the straps giving out.  Of course, Kaitie is a rather small person, so she wouldn't be able to drag, much less lift the bag!

Because the straps are slender, I added a cushioned padding with Velcro closures so that her hands or shoulders won't be quite so miserable.  

I really like this bag design, but my opinion alone doesn't make a design worth repeating.  Since Kaitie and her mom were here for a few days to visit, I asked her about the bag.  She told me she really likes it and uses it often. 

She likes the size because it means she can put lots of stuff inside from clothes to beachwear to hair and makeup accessories.  In fact, she told me she uses it to visit her grandparents in North Carolina when she is able to get away from Clemson U for a few days.  

The pink is a nod to her sorority, and what could be better than that for an Army brat with a eye for detail and a gaggle of sisters?

What do you think?  Can a bag be too big, as I worried?  Or is it a necessary evil that we just can't avoid when we want one bag to hold everything.  

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