Saturday, August 6, 2011

I've added a few more photos of finished quilts to the Quilt Photos page.  Thanks to those of you who have been asking and comments.  I appreciate the encouragement!

I've been busy zipping up some book covers and mini wallets the last day or two.  Well, that is when I've not been hemming up dresses or making pillowcases for darling nieces and grand-daughters.   Remember that several family members and I made a quick trip to The Borne Quilter a few days ago?  These are the fat quarters I picked up while there.  Love those bright colors!  I'm planning to make a few more book covers and perhaps a couple of pin cushion storage containers.  Whether they'll find their way into the Etsy shop is yet to be seen.

I will admit that they are fun little projects to zip up.  I've begin cutting a few out at a time, then when I have a few minutes, run in and sew.  Before long I've got five or six of something completed and ready to press.  That's one thing I've discovered about the book covers and mini-wallets--they definitely need a hot iron when done.  They look so much prettier and finished with crisp, clean edges once the iron has touched them.

Aren't these some happy bright colors?  These fabrics were purchased at Lola Pink Fabrics, also in Lafayette.  They have an Etsy store online, but since they are so close to one of our boys, I much prefer to run in and touch!  Besides they Lola Pink ladies are just the sweetest.  I'm a talker, so imagine what it's like to go to a store where the other ladies are talkers and we all have something in common!  Yep, we chat and laugh and it's just a fun, fun shoping spree.

 These mini-wallets are the perfect size for holding credit cards, business cards or cash.  I discovered that I can add a key ring by stitching in a nice ribbon. Can't wait to see how they sell at the Quilt Show in October.  I hope to have a booth with some of the smaller items I've been making.

 This last picture is of two of the book covers I made yesterday, I think.  Does it happen to you that you get so busy making the same items that you lose track of which day a particular item was stitched?  I am fairly sure that part of my problem is that I may cut out five or six of something but not sew them all for a day or two.  And of course, I may cut out several of one type of item, start sewing them up and then cut out something completely different before finishing the first batch.  Ah, the life of a dyslexic ADD adult.  So much fun to be if I could find all the pieces that I may or may not have cut out!

Is it just me?  I can't be the only quirky person out here in blog world!  What's your quirk?  How do you cope with your quirkiness?

In the morning I'll figure out who the winner of the giveaway is.....stay tuned!

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Cherry Red Quilter said...

not sure what my quirks are and I am too scared to ask my husband or friends - I think the quirks are what makes us intersting anyway!