Monday, August 15, 2011

Old School

Ever have a really hard day at work?  Yep, that's about what it's like to be a teacher on the first day of school.  Oh, don't misunderstand me, our day was really good!  The kids were well-behaved, the other teachers most helpful (I am new to this school), the parents supportive.  But my old muscles haven't work all summer.  In fact, I am probably at my softest ever.  So, just the standing and smiling and walking back and forth was more than I can handle.  My feet are dead, legs sore, and arms achy.  But I had a great day!  So this is it, instead of really writing, I'm going to post a few Etsy old school finds....things I remember from my school days.

How many of these do you recall?  

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