Friday, March 18, 2016

Color Kick

I have a problem. I know, it's serious--I like color. 

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Color, not colors or crayons, not Crayola crayons. Actually, I like those, too. 

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And markers. Oh, Sharpies! I like Sharpies. I like the cheapo dollar store crayons, too. Not as much, but they will do in a pinch. 

But this post is not about crayons. Or markers. 

This post is about color. Well, it's really about my weakness for love of color. Which is how I ended up spending $10 (yes, I know!) on this...

Okay, so why, right? Well, because it means coloring. Which means color. Which is happiness. Color is happiness. 

I'm not sure that it matters so much in which form the color arrives. It can be fabric, paint, thread, fabric, markers, plastics (put a colorful set of Tupperware in my path), fabric, glass, yarn, photos. Did I mention fabric? Oh, okay, well, fabric!

My fascination with color is not limited to fabric, but it is limited by funds. The special thing about color, though, is that you don't have to play in a medium, have talent, or funds to appreciate it. It's everywhere. Assuming you're not color-blind, which would really stink, color is available to everyone. Just look for it. Look everywhere.

Look in the mud, and sky, and leaves. (Hello Nature!) Houses, furniture, barns, bridges. Look in the faces of everyone you meet. Worms, snakes, bugs are full of color. Shoes. Shoes are colorful, especially if they're ugly en vogue. Look in clothing--touch the fabrics and the color comes alive. Look everywhere. Then look at one thing. One. Count the colors in that one thing. Even if it seems to be just one color, really look, and you'll see.

Color is definitely my addiction obsession. So when I saw this coloring book for adults, I was probably already in trouble. Somehow though, I intended to look only. Then I saw this page. And I just had to. 

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