Friday, March 11, 2016

Fearful weather and fitful nights

Keeping the thousands of people affected by the flooding in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and the surrounding areas in our thoughts and prayers.  

It's a bit past 4 a.m. and the thunder and lightening has me sitting up worried about those in low-lying areas. They have fled their homes already, hopefully, and are suffering a fitful night of fear for their homes, animals and memories. 

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May they return home quickly and safely.


jenclair said...

This has been a disaster. We had a break in the rain finally yesterday afternoon, but today it continues. Not as hard as before, thankfully. Keep safe, Mary!

Mary Marcotte said...

So glad that you and yours are okay. I feel for the poor people who have lost homes. And there are those who have lost their lives! You stay safe, also, Jenclair.