Monday, March 21, 2016

Scrap Quilt

About a month ago I started a new quilt, which I had to put aside to work on a customer quilt. The customer quilt is near complete, so I decided to pull the old scrap quilt out and take a look at it. Oh, I'm still quilting the customer quilt. In fact, it's right on track, but I don't want to lose interest in the scrap quilt.

I've been calling it "the scrap quilt" because I'm making fabric from some of the scraps that are overflowing their bins. Surely, I'll come up with a better name...or maybe you have an idea. What would you name this? 

I chose three colors and made slabs of fabric (a la Jackie Gehring) using only one color per slab.

 Eventually I had lots of slabs in blue, yellow, or green--those colors because their bins were really full. 

At some point I decided that I'd press the slabs really well and cut them into blocks using the Accuquilt Studio. 

That made the next step really easy--mat and frame each block like one would a picture, except just a little wonky for fun. Everything was great....
Version 1                                             Version 2
and then it wasn't. I put the blocks back on the design board, but I didn't like the random version and didn't like the more traditional version, either. 

So what's a girl to do? Take the blocks apart. Start over. Abandon ship, so to speak. I decided to rip out the dark strips that weren't working. About two hours later, tired of ripping, I was cutting the seams out. 

 Soon after that I began resewing--sometimes sewing the small blocks back together, adding borders, making up "patterns," just whatever stuck my fancy. And I have to admit, the more I sewed the more fun I had. 

Eventually I began making strips of the blocks. I used three shades of Kona for the background, but the more I worked the more I pushed myself to create odd lines and forms with the tans and cream. I also moved blocks and strips around, twisting and turning them until I liked the results.

This last photo is where I am right now.  I plan to add a bit more of the cream to increase the size to about 70" square.  And then we'll see.


Karen S said...

I like the way this quilt has changed as you have continued to work on it.It is not worth keeping going if you are not happy with the look of it.
So pleased to see it working well now!

Ann said...

I was going to say, 'I wouldn't have ripped all that out,' then realized that's exactly what I do when it isn't working. Good for you! The new version is so much better. And it was in your mind's eye all along. Must remember to start sewing random scraps in single colors like this; it's so pretty. Thanks!

Preeti Harris said...

I like all the versions. I like the blue and love the yellow-greens. It is bright and happy and spring-like. I would call it Spring Cleaning, since you are cleaning out your scrap jars.
Box Spring also comes to mind, since there are boxes and the colors are springy. But then it is also funny since it is not a Box Spring (like in a bed).

Mary Marcotte said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I am looking forward to working on this project this week while I'm off for the Easter break. Preeti, your suggestions for a name are so much better than anything I've come up with. I so enjoy visiting your blogs and seeing the projects you're working on. Thanks for coming by and leaving a note!

Kaja said...

It's interesting to follow your progress and see what worked (and what didn't). I like the current version a lot.