Friday, March 4, 2016

Puttin' on the Glitz

There isn't much in the way of sewing going on around here. I did, however, manage two little snap bags. Both in a pretty white and gold Michael Miller Glitz collection. These fabrics must be fat quarters. Regardless, I made a quilt sandwich with the whole piece, quilted it using the design in the fabric and then cut it half to make the two bags. 

I added the little tab in the center of this one but then decided that the lame' fabric I'm using for the trim is too finicky to deal with. So only one has tabs. They're useless anyway because I had to hand-sew them down. Otherwise, they stick out like ugly ogre ears.

These are larger than the first one I made two weeks ago, so there's plenty of room for stuff. Pencils could easily fit in here.

This picture shows you the bags on top of another piece from the line. I may may a couple more bags in one of these fabrics. I think they'll have an elegant feel in the black and gold. Now that I look at the picture, that darn tab does add an extra touch. Darn, I may have to deal with that lame'. I'll add lining to that fabric also in the hopes that it will be easier to work with. 

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Annie said...

Can't see your photos.

Yanicka said...

I adore what you did :)

Karen S said...

Lovely choice of fabrics. They really make these snap bags look very classy indeed.
Photos - like Annie, I couldn't see them the other day, so whatever you have done has worked now.

Mary Marcotte said...

The craziness of this photo problem is beyond me. I think the link to my Google photos is the problem, but what do I know? I can't even tell anyone why I think that! I'm going to try some different things. Please everyone, let me know when the problem occurs again.