Thursday, March 17, 2016

More "Glitz" Snap Purses

After making the snap bags last week using Michael Miller "Glitz," I liked them so much that I decided to make a couple more this time using some of the black and gold fabric.

I liked the size of the bags but wanted to experiment with different dimensions. 

 I like the black at least as much as the white ones, maybe a little bit better. Well, maybe.

Now for the big decision: who gets these cute little bags? And the other question: do I want to make more since there's still a bit of fabric left?


Karen S said...

They are lovely. Watch out, you will have a production line going if everyone likes them.

Mary Marcotte said...

Thanks Karen. Yes, I'm afraid of that. I'm good for a few of something, but once I decide I've had enough, it's possible that someone gets left out. Around here people have to call dibs early.

Leanne Parsons said...

They're so pretty! I could see myself wanting to make a bunch too :)

Mary Marcotte said...

Thanks Leanne! I did have fun!