Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pin It Weekly #143

When I saw this Snapchat picture on Pinterest, I just had to share it. Forget the curling iron (I don't use those), have you ever done this with your fabric iron? I know I have!

Funny snapchat fails -

I've been working on a scrap quilt for a while now. It's taking longer than I thought it would, but there are a few reasons for that. First, work is kicking my tail--I come home exhausted and nap away my studio time.  

multicolored string quilt with great sashing
When I do get into the studio, I've been working on small projects that are fast and easy. Finally, I've taken a commissioned project, so I'm putting away two of my own projects: a strip quilt that I pulled fabrics for and the scrap quilt. 

mini quilts using 2.5 inch squares | ... , using 2 inch white strips to separate the blocks (1.5 inch final:
I was hoping to finish the scrap quilt before starting the customer quilt, but I have a deadline. That means my project goes on hold. Before putting it away, though, I was enjoying Pinterest for scrap quilt ideas 
The Quilting Mill: "Woven" quilt by Kati Spencer in Scraps, Inc. (Lucky Spool Media).  Quilted by Barbie Mills.

I am soooo making this!  Might start it today!  Great scrap quilt and tutorial

Easy string quilt but it is the color values of light, medium and dark that make this so cool

SEW KATIE DID Stellar Block/Medallioned Magic Number Workshop:

Sweet Cottage Dreams ~ Mystery Quilt with 30s repro prints

Looking for your next project? You're going to love Scrap Happy Star Quilt by designer Izy.:

You can find all these and many more on my Pinterest board, "heart, quilts."  And for good measure, check out this quilt that was at QuiltCon in February.

What comes next?: Long overdue QuiltCon post:

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