Saturday, March 5, 2016

How to spend a Saturday night

Do you know what takes about three hours out of your life? One decision. One. That's all. In my case it was the decision to update this blog. Three hours. Three. That's a number you know, 3. 

You know why it takes three whole hours? Because I can't learn a lesson from a mistake by doing it once. I have to make that mistake again.  And again. And sometimes it takes another one three, okay, four times. I mean, I do eventually figure out the problem. Usually. 

But graciousness sake's alive. Three hours. And let us not forget the headache. Literally. There was a doozy coming on after three hours of fixing my self-imposed problems.  So it's done. Well, I can't fathom that I would right now, this minute, spend any more time fixing. Because I almost like what I have. Almost. I mean I'll live with it for tonight.

Finally, eight collages (Thank you PicMonkey), three hours, a headache, and a Jason Statham kill-everyone-except-the-girl movie later (Richard is a fan, apparently) and I can take two asprin and say goodnight.  Oh wait, go back to yesterday's post and find out how to give your unloved unwanted blocks and WIP's up for adoption--possibly to someone willing to finish them for a deserving charity organization.   Now goodnight.

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