Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pin It Weekly #146

This week I'm pinning pincushions! Why not, right?
crazy mom quilts
I'm just nuts enough to keep my pins separate. Only yellow head quilting pins can go into one particular pincushion. Needles have their own tiny tomato. Applique pins go on a red satin pincushion that was a gift. And so on. 
Make one of these with candle holder. Love the 'make-do' ideas for pincushions.
Why? you ask. Because I can. Most of my life, studio, home, work is a disorganized mess. Most of it. There's no avoiding it. Life is a mess. Teaching adolescents is messy. Teens are messy! My family is messy. Richard may clean now, but that's a new thing.
Spool Softie/Pin Cushion
Anyhoo, there is something I can control. Pins and needles happen to be the something. There, that's the whole of it. 
crazy mom quilts
I can control pins. I happen to be able to control needles. By the way, don't push every pin deep into the cushion in my house! Oh my goodness! Devils are less evil. I like my pins so that I can easily remove them. If the pins are shoved into the cushion, I have to dig them out. 
Cutest Pincushion and so easy to make!  The Sewing Chick: A Pincushion and a Tutorial:
I don't like digging pins out. Therefore, do not shove them in. Ask a grandchild. Hands off the pincushions. Run with scissors, no problem. Dump the trash on the floor, who cares? 

Campervan Pincushion
Play with the pincushion, go ahead, see what happens. Grammay will not be happy!

123 :: diamond pin cushion

Happy Independence Day - Temecula Quilt Co

crazy mom quilts: 108

93/101 mini pincushions

pin cushion...simple denim details, re-use, recycle, the waistline so often goes unused, but not here!

Red and white - can't go wrong - aren't these beautiful!

These quick-to-make pincushions are cute enough to give individually or as a towering set of three.

I love the idea of using scraps like this to make blocks. You can literally use any size of fabric! Now, that's what I call a scrap quilt.


76/101 pincushions


Kaja said...

I love a nice pincushion, though mine would give you the heebie-jeebies - all sorts of pins and needles shoved in together (and now the cats have worked out how to pull the pins out with their mouths so everything is pushed right down too).

Mary Marcotte said...

Oh, mine get messy, too! But when the heebie-jeebies (love that word) hit, I just have to fix it all. I have one pincushion that holds all the mismatched pins--the ones from shirt collars, strays that found their way to my house, and so on. I don't know what to say about the cats. Oh wait, how about training them to separate the pins into groups! Wouldn't that be wonderful? You stick everything into one pincushion and the cats come along and put them in order. Now that would be a fancy trick!