Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Finish ~~ Customer Quilt

Several weeks ago a customer contacted me to make a memory quilt from her son’s tee shirts.  We made plans and she delivered the shirts, which turned out to be uniform shirts made from polyesters—some from mesh fabric and others from solid fabric.
I finally started the quilt top last weekend and somehow found a few hours to make a plan that looked like it would work. I even managed to begin cutting into some of the fabric.
During the week I really got into it and cut all of the big chunks of Moda olive. The shirts were a bit more difficult. I needed to hand cut each shirt determining how it would fit into the quilt. Then I pinned each one to the background and stitched them individually, sort of like raw-edge applique, to hold them in place. The difficult part was putting the large chunks together, but I managed to do that after Way of the Cross this evening.
All of the rain and flooding has caused many road problems in our area. School was called off early yesterday, giving me almost four extra hours of sewing. Today it was cancelled again, and that meant almost seven hours of uninterrupted sewing.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and my plan is to load the quilt onto the long-arm machine in the morning. If all goes well I’ll get a several hours of custom quilting in. I don’t expect to finish the quilt for several days, but I should have a great start when we go back to school on Monday. 
Then I'll be back to the couple of hours of quilting that seems to take days and days to finish a quilt. Since we're in the middle of testing season and I come home exhausted every day, it probably will take many days to finish. 

But that's okay. I'm used to those days and just try to enjoy the time I have in the studio.
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Kaja said...

I like the olive colour you are using in the background a lot: it really sets off the t-shirts well. Enjoy your extra sewing time while you can!

Izzy said...

That's going to be an awesome quilt! Have fun with it! :-)